Performance Archive


February 2 @ The Firkin, Portland, Thicket with Floom and Jason Traeger

February 17 @ Mississippi Studios, Solo for Revival 10 year anniversary with Mark Giuliana, Matt Chamberlain, Fred Armisen, Adam Morford, Tim Baltes

February 23 @ Alberta Pub, PDX Jazz Fest with METHODS BODY and Blue Cranes

March 7 @ PNCA, IXNAY with Midnight Variety Hour

March 20-23 @ Treefort Festival, Boise, with METHODS BODY

March 29 @ Leaven, with Torse and Golden Organ

April 15 CANCELLED @ Mississippi Studios, performing with Damo Suzuki

April 22 @ 1905 with Josh Berman, Andrew Jones, Mike Gamble, Maxx Katz.

May 12 @ Turn Turn Turn, IXNAY w Ben Bennett

May 17 @ S1 improv night

May 25 @ Holocene METHODS BODY with Xiu Xiu

June 9 @ Rontoms, Portland, METHODS BODY

June 13 @ Holocene IXNAY live score to “Participatory Flow State Tour 1”

June 14 @ Northwest Film Forum, IXNAY live score

June 15 @ Seattle Freezer, IXNAY plays morning show with Jesse Malmed

July 8 @ Timucua White House with Nicole Mitchell Ensemble

July 20 @ ACRE residency, IXNAY, Majeure, Curt Oren

Aug 2 @ Elastic, Chicago, Methods Body, Wizard Apprentice, Jesse Malmed

Aug 4 @ Hungry Brain, Chicago, Methods Body with Ayako Kato and Andrew Clinkman

Aug 25 @ The Avalon, Catskill NY, Methods Body, Mistresses, Vemilo

Aug 28 @ Threes Brewing, Brooklyn, Methods Body, Mistresses, Max Jaffe

Sept 2 @ TurnTurnTurn w Bryan Eubanks, Patricia Wolf

Sept 11 @ Holocene with Eddie Bond Band

Sept 24 @ Mississippi Studios, Methods Body with Blue Cranes

Sept 26 @ Northwest Film Forum, Seattle, IXNAY with Mike Gamble and Arrington DeDionyso

Oct 3 @ Bodecker Foundation, Methods Body

Oct 11 @ White Eagle, Methods Body with Chris Brokaw and Sielaff/Ahmed

Oct 18 @ S1, CMG’s Improvisation Summit of Portland w Shahzad Ismaily and Ayako Kataoka.

Oct 25 @ Eastern Oregon Film Festival, La Grande, OR, Methods Body. 9pm

Oct 26 @ LED, Boise, Methods Body with St. Terrible. 7pm

Nov 1 @ Human Flesh Film Festival, IXNAY

Nov 26 @ Ivon House, Portland

Dec 21 @ S1, Minnie Driver, Floom, Sielaff/Wyland

Dec 27 @ Al’s Den, IXNAY with Megan Diana McGeorge

Jan 18 @ Leaven, Extradition Series, Cricket Music by Walter De Maria

Jan 22 @ Goat House, IXNAY +


January 11 @ Holocene, Portland, Fin de Cinema – Cocteau’s Beauty and the Beast with LIKE A VILLAIN, NOAH BERNSTEIN, JONATHAN SIELAFF, AMENTA ABIOTO, PATRICIA & CM WOLF.

January 13 @ The Bridge, Charlottesville, Virginia, with Chris Dammann & Kevin Davis.

January 20 Reading @ The Spare Room Reading Series, with Jean Day, Passages Bookstore, Portland, 7pm.

January 26 @ Timbrrr Festival, Leavenworth WA, with Y La Bamba

January 31 @ Turn Turn Turn, IXNAY w Maxx Katz, Jason Traeger, Arrington DeDionyso & Ben Bennett.

February 10 @ Al’s Den with Luke Wyland and Nick Delffs.

February 12 @ Seattle Improvised Music Festival. 8 PM, The Royal Room
5000 Rainier Ave. S (Columbia City)

February 14 @ Wonder Ballroom, Portland, with Y La Bamba.

February 15 @ Turn Turn Turn with Luke Wyland, Jonathan Sielaff, Jack Wright.

February 24 @ Doe Bay MAI Festival with Y La Bamba.

February 25 @ Seattle, w Y La Bamba.

March 10 @ Mothership Music, Portland, IXNAY, Gregg Skloff’s Existence Habit, Doug Theriault.

March 25 @ Open Signal, Portland, with Jesse Malmed, Emily Bernstein.

April 8 @ Mollie Fontaine Lounge, Memphis, with Lee Taylor and John Shaw

April 12-22 West coast tour with Y La Bamba.

May 23 @ Turn!Turn!Turn!, Portland, IXNAY with CJ Boyd, and Brin.

July 2-15 West coast tour with Y La Bamba.

July 16 @ Tonic Lounge, Portland, with Luke Wyland and Joan of Arc.

July 21-22 Minnesota shows with Y La Bamba.

July 28th @ Oatho, Portland, w Tatsuya Nakatani, James Falzone, Maxx Katz.

Aug 2 @ Comfort Station, Chicago with IKZ (Summerfield, Dammann, Davis, Niekrasz)

Aug 3 @ Richard Hunt Studio, Chicago with IKZ

Aug 5 @ Hungry Brain, Chicago, with IKZ (Summerfield, Dammann, Davis, Niekrasz)

Aug 14 @ HFBW, Portland, with IXNAY, Blacker Face

Aug 22 @ The Fixin’ To, Portland, with Minnie Driver, The Crenshaw

September 5 @ Holocene, Orchestra Becomes Radicalized and Brown Calculus.

September 10 @ TBA Festival, Fin du Cinema w Jonathan Sielaff, Noah Bernstein, Amenta Abioto.

September 25 @ Marmoset with Luz Elena Mendoza, Ed Rodriquez, Ryan Oxford. A/VEC w filmmaker Claudia Meza.

September 27 @ Cordium Records with Ixnay, The Social Stomach, and Bad Luck.

September 28 @ Turn! Turn! Turn! with Luke Wyland, Thollem McDonas, and Hungry Ghost.

October 6 @ Vancouver art opening with Torse

October 25-Nov 19 East and West coast tours with Y La Bamba

December 1 Reading @ 2360 nw quimby ave, with José Medeles, Graintable.

December 9 @ Performance Works Northwest with Tahni Holt and Luke Wyland, STREWN.

December 19 @ Turn Turn Turn with CMG Improv Orchestra

December 25 @ Nativity w IXNAY

December 28 @ Turn Turn Turn w IXNAY


January 20 – Inaugural Protest Night @ Turn Turn Turn with Ian Christensen, Noah Bernstein, Reed Wallsmith, Tim DuRoche, Andre St.James, Hannah Mickunas +++. 8pm

January 28 @ Leaven, 5431 NE 20th Ave, Portland, Sporting/Thick in the Throat, Honey/It’s OK, Girl. 8pm

February 2 @ Gold Lion Arts, 2733 Riverside, Sacramento. Sporting and Invasive Species 8pm. Sporting (PDX) with Invasive Species

February 3 @ Naming Gallery, Oakland, with Brian Tester

February 10 @ Frontier Café, Joshua Tree, with Sporting. 7pm

February 11 @ 1142 E 11th St, Los Angeles with Corinna Repp, Floom, Old Gold, 9pm

February 12 @ Calarts, 10pm

February 13 @ Oakland.Secret with Glochids +

February 15 @ Stucco Manor, Santa Cruz, w Stelth

February 16 @ Adobe Books, SF, w Guro

February 20 @ Turn Turn Turn, w Half-Bird

March 15 @ Turn Turn Turn, Portland, Solo for Outset Series. 8pm

March 25 @ Brooklyn, Home Audio, duo with Jaimie Branch

March 28th @ Union Pool, Brooklyn, w Buke and Gase

April 5th @ Cmon Everybody, Brooklyn, w Holland Andrews

April 12th @ Charlottesville, VA w Chris Dammann large ensemble

April 13th @ Rhizome, DC, w Davis/Niekrasz/Dammann

April 14th @ Sediment Gallery, Richmond, w Davis/Niekrasz/Dammann

April 27th @ Leaven Community, Portland, w Mike Gamble and Sage Fisher, 7pm

May 21 @ Holocene, w Noah Bernstein, Jonathan Sielaff, and Moorea Masa, 8pm

May 24 @ Mothership Music w Minnie Driver (Holland Andrews and Ben Kates)

May 26 @ Submission Poetry Series, 8pm

June 15 @ The Chapel, Seattle, with David Rempis, James Falzone, Lori Goldston …

June 21 @ Turn Turn Turn, Thicket (Niekrasz, Mumford, Kates)

June 29 @ Allways Lounge, New Orleans, solo and in ensemble

July 14 @ ACRE residency, Sound Ensemble

July 30 @ Turn Turn Turn, Solo

Aug 5 @ Projection Museum, with Brian Mumford and Holland Andrews.

Aug 23 @ Willis Theater, Corinth VT with Why I Must Be Careful

Aug 31 @ Mississippi Studios with Sporting, Like a Villain, and Golden Retriever.

Sept 8 @ TBA Festival, PDX, with No No Soliciting

Sept 20 @ Capitol Theater, Olympia w Y La Bamba

Sept 22 @ Gov Cup, Salem, w Y La Bamba

Sept 24 @ SF Jazz Center w Y La Bamba

Sept 25 @ Sweetwater, Mill Valley, w Y La Bamba

Sept 26 @ SLO Brew, w Y La Bamba

Sept 27 @ Don Quixote, Felton, CA w Y La Bamba

Sept 29 @ Soda Bar, San Diego w Y La Bamba

Oct 1 @ Music Tastes Good, Long Beach w Y La Bamba

Oct 2 @ 191 Toole, Tucson, w Y La Bamba

Oct 3 @ private party, Santa Fe, w Y La Bamba

Oct 4 @ Goosetown Tavern, Denver w Y La Bamba

Oct 9 @ Turn Turn Turn with Thicket

Nov 2 @ Holocene with Y La Bamba, Savila, OPT, Bell’s Atlas

Nov 4 @ Performance Works Northwest, solo for Iconic

Nov 14 @ 526 Club, Solo

Dec 9 @ The Know, with Arrington DeDionyso, Floom, Dolphin Midwives, and Caspar Sonnet.

Dec 20 @ Turn Turn Turn, with CMG large adhoc crew.



17 January 2016 @ Panoply Labs, Brooklyn, Performancy Forum with Allie Hankins, 8pm.

3 February 2016 @ Café aux Anges, Guern, France, with Sylvaine Helary’s Glowing Life.

5 February 2016 @ Vauban, Brest, festival « Longueur d’Ondes » with Sylvaine Hèlary’s Glowing Life.

7 February 2016 @ Détail, 78 Boulevard de Belleville, Paris, with Guvna Raketi, Qonicho B, Areva, Singles Infinis. 7:30pm

11 February 2016 @ Rochefort, Théâtre de la Coupe d’Or with Sylvaine Hèlary’s Glowing Life.

13 February 2016 @ Le La Itou, Mont Saint Jean, France, with Glowing Life and Trio Rayon/Mayot/Niekrasz.

14 February 2016 @ L’Esquipot, Montsauche-Les-Settons, with Glowing Life and Trio Rayon/Mayot/Niekrasz.

16 February 2016 @ Le Cantinallegra, Auxerre, with Glowing Life and Trio Rayon/Mayot/Niekrasz.

19 February 2016 @ Le Triton, Paris, with Sylvaine Hèlary’s Glowing Life.

28 February 2016 @ The California Clipper, Chicago, with Restroy.

1 March 2016 @ The Whistler, Chicago, with Restroy.

4 March 2016 @ Black Iris Gallery, Richmond, with Restroy.

5 March 2016 @ The Bridge PAI, Charlottesville, with Restroy.

1 April 2016 @ Black Iris Gallery, Richmond, with David Moré’s show The Idiot.

8 April 2016 @ Magnolia House, Charlottesville with Chris Dammann & Kevin Davis, Sunwatchers, & Space-Saver. 7:30pm

10 April 2016 @ Black Iris Gallery, Richmond, with Fred Lonberg-Holm & Frode Gjerstad, 7:30pm.

28 April 2016 @ Sediment Gallery, Richmond, with Heather Mackenzie.

19 May 2016 @ Magnolia House, 507 10th St NW, Charlottesville, Solo. Lugweight, Och, Thieves of Shiloh, & Dampened Spirits. 8pm

27 July 2016 @ Beat Kitchen, Chicago, Splice Series with Albert Wildeman, Peter Maunu, and Andrew Clinkman.

29 July 2016 @ ACRE residency, Steuben, Wisconsin. Solo & with Matthew Taylor.

7 August 2016 @ Pickathon Festival, Portland, Oregon, reading from Civilipoli. Treeline Stage, 2pm.

9 August 2016 @ Missoula, Montana with Poor School.

14 August 2016 @ Portland, Oregon, with Thicket. Private show.

23 August 2016 @ Tony’s 3501 NE Simpson, Portland, trio Niekrasz/Sielaff/Wyland + Dragging an Ox Through Water. 8pm.

24 August 2016 @ Tavern Books, Union Station, 800 NW 6th Room 255, Portland. Solo reading from Civilipoli and Nongerundial Water Cannons Forgiving Us at Dawn.

28 August 2016 @ Spudnik Press Cooperative, Chicago. Solo set for Rules, Tools, and Fools. 2pm.

29 August 2016 @ Option Series, Experimental Sound Studio, Chicago. Solo and in trio with Shawn Decker and Katie Young.

30 August 2016 @ The Whistler, Chicago, with Restroy and James Baker.

25 September 2016 @ Turn Turn Turn, Portland, CMG’s 25th Anniversary Show with Ben Kates and Mike Gamble. 8pm.

9 October 2016 @ Rontoms with Eternal Tapestry, Tangerine. 9pm.

14 October 2016 @ The Firkin, Portland. Thicket (Niekrasz/Kates/Mumford), Volturz, & Lord Becky. 8pm. Free.

19 October 2016 @ Turn Turn Turn, Portland, Joining the Frode Gjerstad Trio: Frode Gjerstad (sax, clarinet),  Fred Lonberg-Holm (cello, guitar, electronics) and Jon Rune Strom (bass).  8pm.

20 October 2016 @ Turn Turn Turn, with Katsura Yamauchi, Arrington de Dionyso, The Tenses, 8pm.

12 November 2016 @ Turn Turn Turn, Sielaff/Niekrasz/Wyland, with The Crenshaw, Sheers, Uneasy Chairs. 8pm.

12, 13, 17-20 November 2016 Linda Austin’s The Last Bell Rings for You @ Shaking the Tree. 8pm.

30 November 2016 @ Holocene, Portland, Orchestra Becomes Radicalized. 9pm.

9 December @ Black Iris, Richmond VA with Summerfield/Davis/Dammann/Niekrasz

10 December @  Magnolia House, Charlottesville VA with Summerfield/Davis/Dammann/Niekrasz

12 December @ Elastic in Chicago, Duo Dammann/Niekrasz.



5 February 2015 @ Théâtre de Verre in trio with Sylvaine Hélary and Marco Quaresimin, with Krisis. 8pm, 17 rue de la Chapelle

11 February 2015 @ Grrrnd Zero, Lyon, Solo performance with Dope Body, Pneu, and Binaire.

4 March 2015 @ Cité International des Arts, Paris, trio with Nils Kohler (bass clarinet) & Filippo Vignato (trombone). Ana Carla Maza and Fernando Munizaga.

10 March 2015 @ Les Instants Chavirés with Guvna Raketi (Benjamin Pagier & Ingrid Lee).

18 March 2015 @ Cité International des Arts in quartet with Nils Kohler, Sascha Dragicevic, Filippo Vignato.

31 March 2015 @ La Gallerie Cité International des Arts, Solo for P.R.N. show vernissage. 7:30pm.

1 April 2015 @ Péniche Marcounet bateau with Yoram Rosilio, Jean-Brice Godet, & Nathan Bontrager.

2 April 2015 @ Cirque Electrique with Ryotaro (accordion), Yoram Rosilio (bass), Jérome fouquet (trumpet) 8:30pm, Place du Maquis du Vercors, 75020 Paris, 5Euros.

13 April 2015 @ Cité Des Arts corridor gallery. Solo live film score with Tobaron Waxman. 9pm.

23 April 2015 Wonderwerp series @ Studio Loos, The Hague, with Ingrid Lee.

8 May 2015 @ Le “99”, rue du Ruisseau, 75018, M°Porte de Clignancourt, duo with Sylvain Kassap. 8pm

16 May 2015 @ Tiasci Music, 13 rue de l’Aqueduc 75010, Paris, with Trio Sylavine Helary, Marco Quaresimin. 8pm

22 May 2015 @ Jazz@Home, duo with Alexandra Grimal. 8pm. Pour être tenu informé des  évènements ou pour réserver:

29 May 2015 @ Umlaut Atelier Ponceleau with Pierre-Antoine Badaroux, Benjamin Duboc, & Aymeric Avice. 49 rue Polonceau 8:30pm

30 May 2015 @ Lot of Wine (private party) in duo with Nils Kohler.

2 June 2015 @ TIASCI in trio with Aymeric Avice & Fred Marty, 13 rue de l’Aqueduc 75010 8:30pm

8 June 2015 @ Auditorium Cité International des Arts, Paris, with Nils Kohler. 8:30pm. 18 rue de l’Hôtel de ville.

11 June 2015 @ École Normale Supérieure, Paris, with Margarita Papazoglou & Clint Lutes.

13 June 2015 @  Le “99”, rue du Ruisseau, 75018, M°Porte de Clignancourt double trio with Yoram Rosilio, Tristan Pradelle, Olivia Scemama, Blanche Lafuente, & Matthias Malher.

17 June 2015 @ TIASCI with quartet Aymeric Avice, Yoram Rosilio, & Paul Wacrenier, 13 rue de l’Aqueduc 75010 8:30pm.

20 June 2015 @ Said Studio with Wa El and Ana Carla Maza (private party).

24 June 2015 @ Eve Risser studio. Quartet with Eve, Gregoire Simon, & Lionel Garcin.

19 July 2015 @ Au Chat Noir with Stephane Payen & Yoram Rosilio. 7pm. 76 rue Timbaud, 75011.

27 July 2015 @ Elastic, Chicago, return to the USA concert with David Rempis and Albert Wildeman, 9pm.

29 July 2015 @ Splice Series at the Beat Kitchen, Chicago, with Albert Wildeman, Peter Maunu, & Fred Lonberg-Holm. 8:30pm.

12 August 2015 @ ACRE Residency, Steuben, WI. Duo with Shawn Decker and then debut of my piece from Conductions by 16-piece ACRE Orchestra.

22 August 2015 @ Black Iris Gallery, Richmond VA in duo with Albert Wildeman.

5 September 2015 @ [email me for address], Brooklyn, in trio with Jaimie Branch and Zach Rowden. 7pm

5 September 2015 @ Manhattan Inn with Jaimie Branch and Zach Rowden, midnight.

23 September 2015 @ Revival Drum Shop, Portland, OR. Solo and with Thicket (Mumford, Kates, Niekrasz).

25 September 2015 @ Tony’s House show in Portland, OR in Sporting (duo with Luke Wyland) + Mary Sutton + Conway/Wallsmith.

10 October @ La Java, Paris, with The Bridge: Sylvain Kassap, Mike Ladd, Mankwe Ndosi. 2nd set.

12 October @ La Java, Paris, with Sylvaine Hélary and Marco Quaresimin. 8:30pm

16 October @ Room E-10 27 36 Rue Polonceau, Paris. Poetry reading with Paul Laborde, Martina-Sofie Wildberger, Jacob Bromberg. Finissage LISA TAN / ADAM FEARON. 8:30pm.

17 October @ Le Picolo, Paris, duo with Benjamin Pagier, 8pm.

24 October @ Le Zorba, Belleville, Paris, with trio Rayon/Mayot/Niekrasz & Unmatched (Helary/Niekrasz/Quaresimin). 8pm

25 October @ La Parole Errante in Montreuil, France, with Sylvaine Hèlary & Marco Quaresimin.

31 October @ Chez Pradelle, Ivry Sur Seine, with Tristan Pradelle and Thomas Caillou.

13 November @  St. John’s Episcopal Church, Centreville, VA with Ayman Fanous.

8 December @ Holocene, Portland, ORCHESTRA BECOMES RADICALIZED debut. 9pm. with Amani and Acid Farm.

17 December @ Elastic, Chicago, with Andrew Clinkman, Albert Wildeman, Carol Genetti, Jason Stein, Jim Baker, Josh Berman, Keefe Jackson, Jason Adasiewicz.


January 9 @ Legion Bar, Brooklyn, NY, solo. w/ Jason Ajemian’s HighLife

January 12 @ Manhattan Inn, Brooklyn, NY, w/ David Scanlon & Jason Ajemian

January 23 CANCELLED @ Elastic w/ Jason Adasiewicz. Rempis/Labycz 1st set. 9pm

February 6 @ Elastic w/ Keefe Jackson & Jim Baker. + Stine Trio. 9pm

March 3 @ Timucua White House, Orlando FL, w/ Marilyn Crispell 10tet.

March 7 @ Atlantic Center for the Arts, w/ ACA Ensemble. 7pm

March 10 @ Myopic w/ Jason Roebke. 7pm

March 12 @ Jerry’s w/ Daniel Thatcher, David Proctor Hurlin, Chris Weller. 9:30pm

March 20 @ UIC The Great Space, 400 S Peoria, 5th floor w/ Jesse Malmed. 6:45AM

March 24 @ Myopic w/ Ben Boye. 7pm

March 24 @ The Skylark w/ Nick Broste, Ben Boye, Anton Hatwich. 10pm

March 26 @ Beat Kitchen w/ CPA & Nick Mazzarella. 8pm

April 4 @ Auditorium Theater, Soft Parade (Ginger Krebs Dance) w/ James Falzone & Charlie Malave. 8pm

April 5 @ Auditorium Theater, Soft Parade (Ginger Krebs Dance) w/ James Falzone & Charlie Malave. 8pm

April 10 @ Riverwest Public House, Milwaukee, WI w/ Nestle (Rob Lundberg & Cyrus Pireh) & Tontine Ensemble. 9pm

April 11 @ Shockrasonic, Madison, WI with Rob Lundberg & Cyrus Pireh. 8pm

April 17 @ Elastic w/ Nick Mazzarella & Albert Wildeman, Mars Williams solo. 9pm

April 21 @ Myopic w/ Aaron Zarzutzki & Curt Oren. 7pm

April 24 @ Elastic w/ Jason Adasiewicz. Baker/Stein 1st set. 9pm

April 28 @ Cornerstone Shelter in Uptown with Shelter/Chicago – James Falzone and Andrew Clinkman. 5pm

April 29 @ Chicago Cultural Center with Shelter/Chicago – James Falzone and Andrew Clinkman. 5:30pm

May 18 @ Adds Donna Gallery (4223 W Lake) with Albert Wildeman & Matt Schneider. 3pm.

May 21 @ The Hideout, Fred Lonberg-Holm’s Lightbox Orchestra – All Drums Edition. 10pm

May 28th @ The Whistler with Luca Nostro. 9:30pm

May 29 @ Elastic with Nick Broste Quartet. 9pm

June 4 @ Splice Series at The Beat Kitchen with Andrew Clinkman, Albert Wildeman, & Peter Maunu. 8pm

June 5 @ Elastic with Fred Lonberg-Holm and Jason Stein. 9pm

June 8 @ The Hungry Brain with Sam Kulik, Jason Roebke, & Jason Stein. 10pm

June 11 @ The Hideout with David Rempis and Albert Wildeman. 10pm

June 21 @ Humboldt Park Boat House. Swell Piece w/’c Make Music Chicago. 5pm

July 12 @ ACRE Residency. Debut performance of Excerpts from the Lost Notebooks of Jerry Sam Yeaw Jackson. 10pm

July 25 @ Improvised Music in Bridgeport with Curt Oren. 3310 S Lowe Apt 1. 10 PM

July 26 @ The Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, Solo. 1pm

August 1 @ Cragin Millwork Co. with Why I Must Be Careful open rehearsal 9pm

August 21 @ Elastic with Fred Lonberg-Holm & Albert Wildeman. 9pm

September 16 @ Foligno, Italy. Solo @ Viale IV Novembre 19/A, 7pm (food and drink).

September 17 @ Florence, Italy. Solo. Simone’s via santa maria 22/r. 9pm.

October 12 @ Les Artistes Gourmand, 83 Rue de la Roquette. with Stéphane Payen & Fred Lonberg-Holm. Followed by Rempis/Daisy Duo. 8pm

October 20 @ Oorsprong curators series, Poortgebouw, Tolhuisweg 2, Amsterdam, NL. Quintet with Wolter Wierbos,  Marcello Windolph, Nicolas Chientaroli, & Oguz Buyukberber, 8pm.

November 27 @ Le Chinois, Paris, with Arrington De Dionyso & NonJazz

December 9 @ Instants Chavirés, Paris, Q with GRS (Julien Desprez/Niekrasz), UBXXX
SR270781, & NOURRIS AU SEIN, 8:30pm, free

December 10 @ State of the Art, Mansteinstrasse 2, Berlin with Eliot Eidelman, 8pm

December 11 @ Sowieso, Weisestrasse 24, Berlin, with Matthais Schubert, Edith Steyer, & Antonio Borghini

December 12 @ Peppi Guggenheim, Weichselstrasse 7, Neukölln, Berlin with Edith Steyer, Meinrad Kneer, and Andreas Willers


Jan 5 @ Heaven Gallery w/ Jacob Wick and Keefe Jackson

Jan 14 @ Dunia, Kadikoy, Istanbul w/ Korhan Erel

Jan 27 @ Hungry Brain w/ Fred Lonberg-Holm

Feb 7 @ U of Arizona, Poetry Center

Feb 8 @ Brandon Shimoda residence, Tucson, AZ

Feb 9 @ Tucson 2nd Saturday Art Opening

Feb 9 @ Tucson Hangart w/ John Melillo, Probjit +

Feb 13 @ the Hideout w/ James Falzone’s Early Music Convention, Roebke, Stein, Pfiffner, Rosaly, Baker, Johnson, Lux

Feb 18 @ Myopic Books w/ Paul Giallorenzo, 7:30 pm, 1564 N Milwaukee

Feb 25 @ The Skylark 2149 S Halsted w/ Anton Hatwich & Luke Polipnick. 10pm

Mar 7 @ Elastic w/ Nick Mazzarella, Jim Baker, Tomeka Reid. 2nd set Berman/Roebke

Mar 20 @ Hideout w/ Lightbox Orchestra, Lonberg-Holm, Berman, Mazzarella, Jackson, Roebke, Rempis, Wildeman, Zerang, Maunu

Mar 27 @ Empty Bottle HUMILI w/ Fred Lonberg-Holm & Paul Giallorenzo, 2nd set Thollem McDonas. 10pm

April 12 @ Chicago Cultural Center w/ Frank Rosaly. 10am

April 13 @ Austin Town Hall w/ Frank Rosaly. 10am

April 27 @ Heaven gallery w/ Jason Stein, Devin Hoff, Matt Schneider. 9pm.

April 28 @ Hungry Brain w/ Keefe Jackson, Nate McBride &amp, Steve Hunt. 10pm

May 11 @ Forever and Always Gallery, solo live score to Jesse Malmed’s videos

May 14 @ Jerry’s w/ John Gruntfest Anti-Quartet (Gruntfest, Bierman, Gilman-Opalsky, Niekrasz)

May 18 @ Heaven Gallery w/ John Gruntfest Trio (Gruntfest, Bierman, Niekrasz)

May 30 @ Musical Impressions Studio PDX w/ Brian Mumford & Thollem McDonas

May 31 @ CMG Improvisation Summit, Portland, w/ Why I Must Be Careful Sextet

June 1 @ CMG Improvisation Summit, w/ William Hooker Ensemble, Danielle Ross Duo

June 2 @ PDX Noise BBQ w/ Thollem Mcdonas, Ben Kates, Gregg Skloff

June 21 @ Humboldt Park Boathouse, 1359 N Sacramento, Swell Piece #1 with : Nora Barton, Robert Reinhart, Alex Temple, Jay Pike, Agnes Kline, Noé Cuéllar, Christopher Preissing, Julia A Miller, Nomi Epstein. 4:30pm

July 12 @ Atlantic Center for the Arts, in duo w/ Austin Vaughn, debut of “Correspondence for Jonah”. 7:30pm

July 25 @ Elastic, 1st set solo (w/ cameo by Meg Leary). 2nd set w/ James Falzone & Nick Mazzarella. 9pm

July 28 @ The Hungry Brain w/ Jim Baker, Fred Lonberg-Holm, Josh Abrams. 10pm

July 29 @ Jerry’s w/ Daniel Thatcher

August 14 @ ACRE, debut performance of my piece Academi w/JP Glover, Melissa Damasauskas, Rachel Ettling, Andrew Kinkaid, Philip Kaufmann, Shawn Creeden, Elspeth Vance, Nathan Young, Anthony Romero, Gabriel Holcombe, Tony Paterra, and Heather Mackenzie

August 17 @ ACRE w/ Better Luck Next Time

September 12 @ Elastic w/ Keefe Jackson, Jim Baker, Albert Wildeman, 9pm

September 16 @ Susanin’s Gallery, 900 South Clinton, Expo Art Week ACRE Kickoff, w/ Tim Kinsella. David More’ opens, 6-9pm

September 17 @ The Whistler w/ Wayne Montana & Fred Lonberg-Holm [NML] 9:30pm

October 4 @ Living Gallery, Brooklyn NY, solo & sets by Killer BOB +, 8pm

October 6 @ Manhattan Inn, Brooklyn NY, Duo w/ Devin Hoff & sets by Rob Lundberg, Star Rover, + 10pm

October 7 @ Panoply Labs, Brooklyn NY, 8pm, SOLO & w/ Pet Bottle Ningen, 8pm

October 14 @ Myopic Books w/ Jeff Goulet

October 22 @ Comfort Station as part of Rachel Ellison’s Tru Touch performance

November 4 @ The Skylark w/ Jaimie Branch, Fred Lonberg-Holm, Tim Haldemann

November 13 @ The Hideout w/ Fred Lonberg-Holm’s Lightbox Orchestra

November 20 @ The Hideout w/ Meg Leary, Matt Schneider, Brian Labycz. 10pm

December 1 @ The Hungry Brain w/ James Baker, Albert Wildeman, Peter Maunu. 10pm

December 25th @ The Aprachalypse, Milwaukee, WI, A Christmas Carol. 9pm

1992 – 2012  500 + performances and nothing to show for it.

Dec 29th, 2012 @ Donna Tadelman’s w/ John Dikeman, Raul van der Weide, Jason Roebke, Josh Berman, Keefe Jackson

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