Performances 2017

January 20 – Inaugural Protest Night @ Turn Turn Turn with Ian Christensen, Noah Bernstein, Reed Wallsmith, Tim DuRoche, Andre St.James, Hannah Mickunas +++. 8pm.

January 28 @ Leaven, 5431 NE 20th Ave, Portland, Sporting/Thick in the Throat, Honey/It’s OK, Girl. 8pm.

February 2 @ Gold Lion Arts, 2733 Riverside, Sacramento. Sporting and Invasive Species 8pm. Sporting (PDX) with Invasive Species

February 3 @ Naming Gallery, Oakland, with Brian Tester.

February 10 @ Frontier Café, Joshua Tree, with Sporting. 7pm.

February 11 @ 1142 E 11th St, Los Angeles with Corinna Repp, Floom, Old Gold, 9pm

February 12 @ Calarts, 10pm

February 13 @ Oakland.Secret with Glochids +

February 15 @ Stucco Manor, Santa Cruz, w Stelth

February 16 @ Adobe Books, SF, w Guro

February 20 @ Turn Turn Turn, w Half-Bird

March 15 @ Turn Turn Turn, Portland, Solo for Outset Series. 8pm.

March 25 @ Brooklyn, Home Audio, duo with Jaimie Branch

March 28th @ Union Pool, Brooklyn, w Buke and Gase.

April 5th @ Cmon Everybody, Brooklyn, w Holland Andrews

April 12th @ Charlottesville, VA w Chris Dammann large ensemble.

April 13th @ Rhizome, DC, w Davis/Niekrasz/Dammann

April 14th @ Sediment Gallery, Richmond, w Davis/Niekrasz/Dammann

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