Performances in 2019

February 2 @ The Firkin, Portland, Thicket with Floom and Jason Traeger

February 17 @ Mississippi Studios, Solo for Revival 10 year anniversary with Mark Giuliana, Matt Chamberlain, Fred Armisen, Adam Morford, Tim Baltes

February 23 @ Alberta Pub, PDX Jazz Fest with METHODS BODY and Blue Cranes

March 7 @ PNCA, IXNAY with Midnight Variety Hour

March 20-23 @ Treefort Festival, Boise, with METHODS BODY

March 29 @ Leaven, with Torse and Golden Organ

April 15 @ Mississippi Studios, performing with Damo Suzuki

April 22 @ 1905 with Josh Berman, Andrew Jones, Mike Gamble, Maxx Katz.

May 25 @ Holocene METHODS BODY with Xiu Xiu










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